Bettina Steden, Jan-Simon Telle, Nathan Wollek, Sunke Schlüters, Jorge Marx Gómez (2021):
Distributed Sector Coupled Low Carbon Energy Supply for Logistics Properties – Concept for the Integration of Heating, Electricity and Transport.
In: Environmental Informatics – A bogeyman or saviour to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals?, Volker Wohlgemuth, Stefan Naumann, Hans-Knud Arndt, Grit Behrens (Eds.)
DOI: 10.2370/9783844083293

Bettina Steden, Jorge Marx Gómez (2021):
Kennzahlen zur nachhaltigen Gestaltung von Mobilität in Unternehmen durch Umstellung auf Elektromobilität.
In: (Hrsg.), INFORMATIK 2021. Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn. (S. 175-183).
DOI: 10.18420/informatik2021-014



Bettina Steden, Jorge Marx Gómez:
Sustainable Solutions for Logistic Centres with a Focus on Mobility.
Presentation at the YEEES-Conference 2021 (Yields of Evocative Entrepreneurial Approaches on Environment and Society), Digital Conference organized by University Vechta, Germany, 24.03.2021